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Çiçek Kıral

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1971 Germany born photographer returned to her homeland in 1984 and after that  her life vision changed completely. She realised that her time in Germany shaped her artistic vision in such a way that it defined how she was going to be perceived in Turkey. Her way of looking and thinking is different that peers around her.  For some time – until after her early thirties- the artist thought there was something odd about her but lately she started to enjoy her difference.

After her graduation in  1994  as a Linguist she started giving language lectures while she did her MA in English Literature. Lately the artist studied photography at university and her journey in photography took the start.

Her passion for photography let her focus in still life photography in the last years and the photographer has been trying to find her light there. The artist enjoys to lighten up darkness and her work primarily exhibits chiaroscuro lighting aspects. Next to still life photography she has artworks in macro photography.


Cicek Kiral