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T.Engin Gökten


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The photographer describes his connection with his art as:

“Every moment is unique: Each of the components of screen is present only at that moment: The tone of the light, the clouds, the moon, colours, what you feel, how you see, how the others feel and look like.

The sparkles of life: Many of us ignore or don’t even notice the beautiful things or the contemporary issues around us in the rush of the day.

Being in the moment: While taking photographs I’m truly, deeply, madly in that moment. And I spend more time on this unique beauty. So, what I passionately would like to do is, seizing that special moment, eternalizing it with my camera and making people realize the diversity of life.”

His writings and photography works were published in several magazines and newspapers in his country. Some of his works were awarded and participated in international exhibitions.



T.Engin Gökten Photography