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Özlem Acaroğlu


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The photographer has been working with neutral density filters since 2013. She has been pursuing the project “Ses’sis Zamanlar – Silent Times” for the last seven years. The project which consists of compilation from her works produced in Anatolia, from Edirne to Kars and from north to south, has been exhibited in national and international art fairs and galleries.

“Time travel” with ND filters has been continuing in her home country and abroad as an adventure. From her point of view the pursuit of the light is the unique way to express herself.  She continues her studies in Istanbul and gives lectures in graphics and basic photography.

Solo Exhibitions

2016 “Ses’sis Zamanlar – Silent Time” Gama Gallery, Istanbul

2016 “Ses’sis Zamanlar –  Silent Time” “ Yeniköy Küd Dıpo Surp Asdvadzadzni Armenian Church, Istanbul

2016 “Ses’sis Zamanlar – Silent Time“ Ugur  Varlı Photo Gallery, Istanbul

2016 “Ses’sis Zamanlar – Silent Time “ Caddebostan Culture and  Art Center,  Istanbul

2014 “Time in Tenedos” Bozcaada Art Gallery, Çanakkale

2013 “Wine Workers in  Tenedos”, Bozcaada Art Gallery, Çanakkale

Group Exhibitions

2017 “Celebration” The Photographers Gallery, lstanbul 2017 “Solitude” Gama Gallery, lstanbul

2012 “Vardiya” Camaltı Art Gallery, Tophane-i Amire, Mimar Sinan Fine  Arts University, Istanbul

2012 “Manidar” Turquaz Photo and Nature Sport Center, Park Avm ,Kayseri

2012 “Çocuktum Çalıştım Yaşlandım” Foundation Art Works Museum, Ankara

Art Fairs

2017 Fotofever Art Fair, La Belle D’lstanbul, Gama Gallery, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

2016 11.Contemporary, ICEC, Gama Gallery, Istanbul

Published Photos

2015 “Hamsu Valley” Bilecik, National Geographic Magazine Turkey, August number 2012 “Zaman Akarken” Photoline Digital Photo Magazine, August – September number 2003-2006 Artist portraits, exhibition catalogue, CKM and  Tem Art Gallery


Özlem Acaroğlu