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Bekir Tuğcu


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Neurosurgeon Bekir Tuğcu was born in 1970 in Turkey. His journey in photography started in IFSAK (Association of Amateurs of Photography and Cinema) in 1990. His documentary photography represents baring the connection between human, environment and nature.  He aims to narrate real story of life.

He has participated several collective national and international exhibitions. Charcoal Workers, Mardin, Mannequins, Forever and his collective project with Tugba Kiralli “Tersane-i Amire” were exhibited several times and published in prestigious photography magazines.

His photography were rewarded in national and international competitions of FIAP (Fédération de Internationale deI’Art Photographique), PSA and UPI. FIAP entitled him to AFIAP  in 2012.
The photographer still gives lectures in photography to young photographers.